Tuesday, January 09, 2007


We are trying to use the Blogzeffer again and have been confused. I'd like to hit whoever designed it. I wish we were signed in automatically like before. Has this always been a Google site? Didn't take us old foggies into account. Anyway, enough complaining, let's see it this posts.


Terry Bleizeffer said...

Huh? I get automatically signed in each time I post, and I haven't noticed it behaving any differently than it ever has before.

Grandma B, Jr. said...

Well, I had the computer into the "shop" for a booting problem and I suppose she wiped out our cookies, is that the right term? Then I couldn't find my record of our user names and passwords, then I was confused about the difference between user name and my identity, then it wasn't clear where to click to make a new post. I don't think that's all my fault. I think the design has to take some of the blame. Yeah, yeah, I know. If I still had a memory, there would be no problem. but alot of people are like me.