Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Miscellaneous pictures

Carson's birthday party:

Tyler as Tony Hawk at the 3rd grade "Wax Museum":

Tyler in his school music program (yes, a terrible picture, I know):

If you go to the web album, there's also a couple videos from the program on there. Tyler had a speaking line... if you look at the video, there's a pause before Tyler says his line because the kid who was supposed to talk right before him wasn't there.

Salt Lake City from the airport on my way to Las Vegas:


The Grands said...

I loved the pic and the videos. Is that tyler next to the girl in the purple robe? If so, amazing. I didn't think of him as a great actor. Yesterday, dominick had a similar spring show - their theme was diversity and patriotism. Nick was not as shy this year. I still can't put pcitures in Blogzeffer. Are you leaving some vital clue out of your instructions?

Terry Bleizeffer said...

Here's the task flow for posting pictures:

1. Copy the images from the camera to your computer.

2. Launch the Picasa tool, which should automatically discover the new pictures.

3. Select the pictures you want and click the "Web Albums" button at the bottom of Picasa and either create a new web album or add them to an existing web album. Now the pictures are on the web and available for linking on Blogzeffer.

4. When the pictures are done being copied, there's a link to view the web album. Click that (and bookmark it!) and then click a single picture.

5. To the right of the picture are the links I describe in the post below. I usually have a browser window open with the blog post I'm creating and a browser window open with the web album, then I copy and paste between the windows.

That's it.

If you still have problems, let me know where the problem is happening and I'll try to be more specific for that step.