Friday, June 06, 2008

I had my first MRI this morning

After hearing so many horror stories about getting MRIs, I had my first MRI this morning. I've got a pinched nerve in my lower back that is causing my left thigh to go numb. They're trying to find what exactly is causing the pinched nerve... er, the "nerve impingement" is what they call it. First I had to get an X-Ray because my insurance won't let me get an MRI until I've had an X-ray first, even though everyone agreed that the X-ray wouldn't find anything. It didn't.

Anyway, the MRI was boooooooring. I didn't feel claustrophobic at all. It was just boring to have to lay there for 20 minutes with nothing to do.

So I've decided the rest of y'all are big wusses.


The Grands said...

We're home now. What are the results of the MRI and what is the recommended treatment and what treatment have you chosen?

Terry Bleizeffer said...

I don't have my follow-up appointment on the MRI until next week sometime, so I won't know anything until then.