Sunday, December 04, 2005

IU vs Eastern Michigan

I don't know about your network, but we had to wait until the Purdue game had ended before viewing the IU game. I think the score was about 22-14 at that time. I bring this up because I was wondering throughout the game about Earl Calloway (why he wasn't playing). The next days box score had him for 7 minutes...I must have missed all seven! Maybe Coach K wasn't stretching the truth when he suggested that Duke was intent on stopping the 3 point shot and allowing Marco to work one on one inside. He certainly looked more than human against Eastern because of the double team. My daydreaming during the off season was that if Marco was "as good as" D.J. White I would be quite satisfied, especially since I think White is first team all Big Ten! That may be the case. Ben Allen was quite impressive, but let's see what happens next time he plays. The opposition will have seen the film on him and adjust. In any case, he looks quite agile for a big man and isn't afraid to shoot.

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Terry Bleizeffer said...

Apparently Calloway was in Davis's doghouse, along with Ratliff, for some bad defensive lapses at the beginning of the game. Davis is using the bench as a motivator.

Although I thought Killingsworth looked tired, I didn't think he played poorly. The zone was designed to shut him down, and Indiana did not try to force the issue, which I think it smart. I thought we were patient against the zone without getting into shooting-as-the-shotclock-expired mode like last season.

Defensively we played crappy. But considering the last few seasons, I'd rather have the offense shooting over 50% while needing to work on the defense rather than the reverse.

Now, let's beat the snot out of Indiana State... so we can start talking about KENTUCKY.

If we lose to Kentucky again, I may need therapy.