Thursday, January 12, 2006

The "Big Seven" B10 teams are 9-0 at home

Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, MSU, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio State are a combined 9-0 at home.

In addition, none of the Big Seven has yet to lose a road game against the Little Four.

There's no mystery to what's going on here. No one has any idea who is going to win the B10. Until one of the Big Seven wins on the road against a Big Seven team, everyone's in the same boat. Indiana has to hold serve at home against Illinois. If we do that, we're still in the hunt, just like everyone else. No one has gotten themselves an advantage yet.

This weekend, the big chance for some to get an advantage is MSU at OSU. If MSU wins that game, they get an edge. The rest of the games (NW @ UW, UM @ Ill, Iowa @ PSU) will more than likely continue the present trend. If OSU beats MSU, then we head into next week with essentially all seven teams clumped together once again.

(The only caveat there is Wisconsin, thanks to the unbalanced schedule -- if every Big Seven team wins 2 of their road games against Big Seven teams, Wisconsin wins the B10 outright)

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