Sunday, January 22, 2006

Indiana-Purdue makes it official

Indiana is 4-1 without playing very well. We lost our only road game handily (no shame in that at MSU), and in our four home games we:

- beat Michigan in a game that was in doubt in the final 2 mins
- beat OSU in a game that came down to the final possession
- beat Illinois in a game that came down to the final possession
- beat Purdue in a game where Purdue was still in the game late in the second half

While it's great to win each of those games, none of the wins were particularly impressive in terms of how Indiana played. Indiana shot 45%, 49%, 40%, and 39% in those games, respectively. Vaden, Ratliff, and Strickland seem to be struggling with their shots (which REALLY hurts us), and Allen is not coming around like we'd like.

Our defense is playing well and our rebounding is improving, but by and large I don't think Indiana is playing very well right now.

On the bright side, Iowa needed triple overtime to beat Minnesota in Iowa City, then Minnesota lost at home (again) to Michigan while Iowa lost by 30 at Michigan State. Iowa, as is their habit, seems to be playing worse as the season progresses and suddenly the game at The Barn looks like a must win for the Hoosiers (I don't want the Gophers to get their first B10 win against the Hoosiers).

It's starting to look unlikely that MSU will be worse than 12-4 in the league (even if you assume we beat them in Bloomington - a big assumption), so IMO Indiana needs to play much better to win the B10.

Moving Vaden back to the 4 would be a good start.

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