Saturday, April 08, 2006


Do you like the new format? Was the change automatic or did you (Terry) change it? Is Karen feeling better? Did she have your flu? Elizabeth did not have her baby yet. She and Matt had a horrible experience yesterday. She was scheduled to check into the hospital at 8 am to have her labor induced. Everybody was so excited, especially Liz, cause she is so uncomfortable and past due. Anyway, they were sent home three times because the OB ward was too busy! Also they can't do it this weekend because the doctor on call refuses to come in for elective inducements. Isn't that crazy? Elizabeth is in a very bad state, crying a lot etc.


Terry Bleizeffer said...

I changed it... so yeah, I like it. The image to the left is the entrance to Indiana University in Bloomington, in case you didn't recognize it. I'll probably continue to tinker with it over time.

Karen is feeling better. She had a sinus infection, an ear infection, bronchitis, and pink eye. Frankly, I don't know what she was whining about. It's not like she had the flu. =)

That's an awful story about Elizabeth -- as if a 9 month pregnant woman needs extra reasons to be emotional. Keep me informed.

Grandma B, Jr. said...

Most of the time, I get only the top part of the picture of the entrance and it disappears all together when I page down and then return to the top of the page.