Friday, April 28, 2006

Your pictures are great!

Did you eat at McDonald's? I checked the weather for Lisbon before you left and was surprised at how cool it was (60's all week). Was it really that cool? If so, I wonder why, cause it is farther south than most of Italy. Maybe the Atlantic Ocean current there is cool? Did you send those pics from Portugal or are you home for a day or two? Good news, I received a ad for a promotion for DSL from A T & T Yahoo - I guess cause of this blog - . $12.99 a month for the first year and a full rebate for the high speed modem. The best part is, according to two checks I ran from the ad, our phone line now supports DSL. I've tried to order DSL several times in the past three or four years and each time was told our line would not support it. I hope the internet check is correct. I signed up! It probably will take a couple of weeks to happen. MSN has been getting slower and slower lately so I was really getting disgusted with it. Hurray in advance!

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Terry Bleizeffer said...

Yeah, at lunch one day they served a mysterious, inedible fish casserole, and I left my pride behind a trekked to McDonald's for a double cheeseburger.

Yes, it was sunny a temperate all week. Other than the rain on the Saturday I arrived, the weather was beautiful all week.

I sent the pictures from Lisbon during on the rare times when I had both internet access and free time.

Broadband rocks. Welcome to the internet age.

I leave for Las Vegas this afternoon.