Sunday, February 11, 2007


I thought the IU vs Illinois game was very similar to the Wisconsin contest in that I thought the Illini were playing very well throughout and IU was "hanging on" for dear life. Of course, that is always my warped view.
Since four of our remaining six games are on the road, this was a crucial victory. Somehow, somewhere we need to steal a road win so we can finish 10-6 in the B10, which should be a lock for 3rd place. Onto the game...I am not a fan of Lance Stemlers play, either on the offensive end or the defensive end of the floor. I kept complaining about his play during the game, but understood that he could potentially be a bigger threat on offense than Mike White or Xavier I felt some compassion for Sampsons substitution pattern. After the game, reading the box score, I noticed that Joey Shaw played 2 minutes (I don't recall seeing him in the game) and, believe it or not, I completely forgot that he was sitting there on the bench while Lance was logging 19 minutes of action. I don't understand this?? Is he hurt? Is he in the doghouse? Whazzup?

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Terry said...

First, Hoosiers + CBS Regional + Durham, NC = I didn't get to see the game.

Second, Sampson said: "I thought Lance was a big reason our defense started coming back. Lance was really good defensively. Over the years you learn not to evaluate kids by whether to ball goes in. If you do, then anybody can figure this game out. Lance is keeping balls alive, he is pressuring the ball well. I thought his defense was really good tonight. He'll start making shots. If you ask Lance right now and he'll say 'hey my team won.' That is the good thing about this team, there are a lot of unselfish kids or no egos on this team."

Next, regarding Shaw, I think Illinois is a terrible matchup for Shaw because they always have a couple big bodies on the floor, so Sampson wasn't choosing between Lance and Shaw, he was choosing between Lance and Mike White and Xavier Keeling.

But I didn't see the game.