Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The glass is half-full! (next season - part 1 of many)

First I'm going to avoid listening to my annoying, internal "voice of reason" (SHUT UP!), and look at next season with cream and crimson-tinted glasses.

1. Eric Gordon is a consensus Top 5 recruit (actually he's a consensus Top 3 recruit). Last season, the consensus Top 5 recruits were Greg Oden, Kevin Durant, Brandon Wright, Tywon Lawson, and Chase Budinger. There's no reason to think that Gordon won't have a similar impact as those guys. He's a pure scorer, and unselfish player, and IMO his game translates really well to the college level (in other words he doesn't look like a guy who was great in HS but can't get his shot off in college).

2. Indiana's offense was effective last season because we had multiple guys who could hit 3 point shots (especially Wilmont, Ratliff, and Bassett). However, we didn't have many guys who could really create off the dribble due to ballhandling issues (especially with Wilmont, Ratliff, and Bassett). As far as we know, the addition of Gordon and Ellis completely changes that dynamic. These guys attack the basket, can finish, and can get to the foul line. This should not only make our offense more consistent (harder to shut down completely, but should also open things up inside for DJ, who will be able to score in more ways than just posting up.

3. It's incomprehensible that Stemler's shooting slump could be as bad as it was last season - he's proven over multiple seasons at the college level that he can shoot at a high percentage.

4. DJ White was a lot better at the end of last season than at the beginning. If he starts next season where he left off and continues to improve, he's going to be a force to be reckoned with by the end of the season (if he isn't already).

More later....

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