Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Are the Bleizeffers from Romania?

I found an interesting link about "Bleizeffer" courtesy of Google:

"I'm looking for any information on the family name "Bleizeffer". I believe they once came from the area around Banat and maybe a town called "Tschestereg or Tschestelek". Any information of the towns or the surname would be appreciated."

Didn't someone do a geneology for our family awhile back?

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The Grands said...

We have looked at the orgins of the Santillo clan and know where they came from. In fact we are going to visit the home village, San Polo Matese, when we go to Italy. As far as the Bleizeffers go, I don't know. I guess they came from Hungary. I can't remember who told me that. To tell the truth, most of that family had enough trouble just remembering yesterday, let alone genology. I'll ask Mandy if she knows anything