Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day

Not much going on here. I've basically done two things on my long weekend -- "spring" cleaning the garage and going to our new pool. The pool is the more pleasant of the two activities... though I admit a deep feeling of satisfaction at having a clean, well-organized garage, even if it will only remain that way for a few days.

We got a membership at a nearby "swim and racquet" club. This might seem silly, since our neighborhood has a pool (which is why we've avoided getting a membership for years), but now we're kicking ourselves for not doing it sooner. This place is sooooo much nicer than our pool. First, the pool is a lot bigger, and it has a lifeguards, diving board, a high dive, a water slide, and a big 3 feet section for little kids. And they have activities like swim team. Tyler made the swim team last Wednesday after a couple weeks of practicing by showing that he could swim all the way across the pool in his lane without touching the bottom. He did it, and he was very, very excited. And Lord knows Tyler needs to find activities that involve actual exercise. They also have tennis courts and tennis teams (Carson is going to do tennis, it starts in a couple weeks), plus a half-basketball court (where I can shoot hoops while the kids are in the pool), and a volleyball court. They also have a snack shack that sells drinks and, um, snacks.

Plus Karen knows 3/4 of the parents and kids who go there.

We went there on Saturday and Sunday and I bet we're going back today.

So that's it for Memorial Day... but it's enough.


The Grands said...

Gosh, you're blogging at 6:45 a.m. on a holiday? Your new pool sounds nice. I'm not surprised that Tyler made the swim team. I think he is a great swimmer. How far away is the club? Dave, NIck and Josie are coming over for dinner today but it will be an eat and run affair since Josie is sick and she is not a good patient. Happy Memorial day!

Terry Bleizeffer said...

If you walked out our front door and just kept going straight, you'd get to the pool in about 10 minutes walking time. Of course, there's woods and the Eno River to cross so you can't actually walk, but it's really close. We can hear people cheering during games sometimes (there's softball fields right next to it) from our porch.