Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Football game and basketball practice

Still no definitive word on when we're going to the beach.

On a separate topic, we're thinking about flying up in October for the first basketball practice and the Indiana-Iowa football game. As luck would have it, this year's midnight madness is on the same weekend as a home football game, so I figure we should take advantage of that and come up to see Josie as well.

Sound good? Anything going on in October that would make that a problem? (Like a fishing trip)


Grandma B, Jr. said...

What weekend are you talking about? Dave and Daddy do go fishing in October, I think the second or third week. I'll ask them. We had alot of fun last time you and Tyler came up for the footbal game. It was a beautiful day.

Terry Bleizeffer said...

Oh, I had forgotten that not everyone knows exactly what day college basketball teams are permitted to being practicing. =)

It would be the weekend of Saturday, October 14th.