Friday, May 26, 2006


Did you read Bob Kravitz's column this morning? Quite scathing assessment of Greenspan and Herbert. Course the whole article is based on the assumption that we could have had any coach we wanted to.


Grandma B, Jr. said...

Weird. The post left out the word "ask" before the to. I wonder how that happened. It wasn't even the last word

Grandma B, Jr. said...

No, the ask was after the to but before the period

Terry Bleizeffer said...

Well, it's an interesting issue to me. Let's assume for a moment that Kelvin Sampson is a truly fantastic coach. Let's assume that Sampson will be able to get Indiana back to the college basketball elite, with Top 10 rankings and deep NCAA runs a common occurance.

And, obviously, Sampson hasn't violated rules at Indiana. Presumably, it's been made clear to him that the consequences for violating rules at Indiana will be fast and severe.

So is it okay for Indiana to be the school to give Sampson a second chance?

I think the answer is yes, but I can see the other side. As you say, the other side is working under the assumption that Indiana was choosing between a bevy a fantastic coaches who wanted to come to Indiana, and picked Sampson. I'm not convinced that's true, but even if it is, if Greenspan felt a) Sampson was the best of the lot, and b) Sampson had learned his lesson and wouldn't violate rules at Indiana, then I still think it's easy to justify the choice.

Bob Knight hired people as assistant coaches who had NCAA violations on the record. I'm sure he made it clear that at Indiana such things wouldn't be tolerated. And it seemed to work.