Friday, February 10, 2006

Davis Protest

Apparently students are planning a protest against Mike Davis for the Iowa game. Uncharacteristically, the students have come up with a clever idea. They are encouraging people to wear black shirts to signal their dissatisfaction with Davis. The ushers obviously can't kick people out for wearing black (especially since Iowa is coming to town), and wearing black is a lot less tacky than trying to bring in "Fire Mike Davis" posters or shirts.

As you know, it makes me really, really angry to hear fans boo their own team (or coach). Heck, I don't like it when we boo the opposing team - I like polite clapping better. And I think "Fire Mike Davis" signs are tacky and embarrassing.

But I gotta admit, I kinda like the black t-shirt idea. It's understated, clever, non-disruptive, and I have no problem with fans expressing their displeasure with Davis - as long as its done in a way that doesn't reflect poorly on the university.

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