Thursday, February 09, 2006

Indiana - the cure for what ails ya!

You're Michigan State. You've started the B10 0-2 with a couple tough road losses. You need to get back on track. No problem! Indiana's coming to town.

Michigan State by 14.

You're Iowa. You're struggling. You barely beat Penn State on the road. It took you two overtimes to beat Minnesota at home. And you just got SPANKED at Michigan State by THIRTY. Fans are panicking. No problem! Indiana's coming to town.

Iowa by 13.

You're Minnesota. The bottom has dropped out. You're 0-6 in B10 play. You lost AT HOME to Northwestern. You lost by 16 to Michigan in your last home game. You just got blown out at Illinois by 24 points. No problem! Indiana's coming to town.

Minnesota by 19.

You're Wisconsin. You're in a tailspin. You've gone from being ranked to losing 3 straight and 5 of 6 games, including a home loss to North Dakota State and another home loss to Illinois by 15. You've lost 2 players and your bench is painfully thin. Your NCAA hopes appear to be withering on the vine. No problem! Indiana's coming to town.

Wisconsin by 18.

Penn State can't wait for February 15th.


C Ro said...

Ha. Man, that sucks.

I meant to ask you though. I was watching the UNC-Duke game the other night and ESPN kept advertising that they were in "Rivalry Week" and then included the Indiana - Wisconsin game. Are they really rivals? I had no idea.

Terry Bleizeffer said...

That was news to me as well. Other than being in the same conference, I don't know of any definition of "rivalry" that would include Indiana vs Wisconsin.

ESPN was stretching for that one.

The Grands said...

Terry, I give you an A+ on your blog. Very well written, consise and it sours me that I didn't think of the connection first. Your prose adds credence to my suggestion that you should have worked at Hallmark! If you had taken my advice on your career path and your marriage, you could be lounging on a couch in Kansas City with Martina Navratilova. Oh well... Your mother and I viewed the movie Crash last night; she liked it a lot; I thought it was better than great. A must see. It's pretty deep, so there may be aprts of it you will have to expalin to Karen. Isn't this the second time I have dissed her in this blog? The condo queen doesn't deserve my disrespect...she done good.