Friday, February 24, 2006

What team is a bigger disappointment?

So Indiana is in freefall mode and I think it's safe to say that Indiana fans can scarcely believe that we're sitting at 6-7 in conference play and in serious danger of missing the NCAA tournament for the third straight season. Getting to .500 with a home win over MSU would be a big deal (especially on senior night). Obviously, this team's chances of winning on the road at Purdue or Michigan in the final two games are probably pretty small, but if we don't beat MSU those games don't matter anyway.

But I can't help but ask -- we're only a game behind MSU in the standings. They're 7-6. They've lost 3 of 4. They were consistently picked by most preseason prognosticators as a Top 10 team and potential Final Four candidate. Indiana was usually picked between 3rd and 6th in the B10. Nearly everyone picked MSU to win the B10. And here we are... 7-6 vs 6-7.

And, obviously, Indiana has been without the services of DJ White for all but 5 games this season. MSU has lost Matt Trannon for a couple games. I've heard folks talk about how that's such a big loss for them because he brings so much toughness to their team. Uh huh. C'mon over here and let's talk about significant injuries.

I think Izzo is a wonderful coach and a classy guy, but I think Michigan State is an even bigger disappointment this season than Indiana.

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Terry Bleizeffer said...

By the way, I'm posting this from upstate New York, where I'm attending the quarterly architecture board conference (8am - 9pm everyday... whew, it's been a long week).

A week from now I'll be in Las Vegas for my second annual mini-HS reunion with Dean and Soupy. Unfortunately, we just found out yesterday that Soupy had to cancel. Bummer. But Dean and I will somehow manage to have fun in Vegas without him. =)