Sunday, February 05, 2006

IU vs U Conn

Sorry, you had to miss the televised game. First, I was able to watch the Minnesota debacle but missed the Northwestern game (I was at Mandys...again). I taped the Iowa game, but didn't watch the tape after learning of their loss. It is difficult to comment on a team when you are only watching 50% of the contests, but here goes.
On Mike Davis - It is obvious that Davis would have been gone if the team followed up their loss at Minnesota with a home loss to Northwestern. That didn't happen so we have to wait and see. It is just stupid, however, to fire or retain a coach based upon the outcome of one or two games. As I have stated in the past, my complaint is that we aren't recruiting the best of the Indiana high school graduates...Dominic James to Marquette, McRoberts to Duke, Oden and Conley to Ohio State, Gordon to Illinois. These players are the best Indiana has to offer. We have to get them excited about playing for let's get someone in there who can recruit these kids.
On the Team - This is a very perplexing unit! They looked great the first 14 minutes of the first half...then allowed U Conn to outscore them 19-5 before halftime. I use the word allow because it is appropriate. The team just began standing around as if they were spectators there to watch the #1 team. They did not compete at all. I hate to think that a well conditioned college kid would tire so easily, but that is what it looked like. I dread to think that Killingsworth's second foul and a seat on the bench was the reason. If so, IU has no hope down the road.
They continued this downward spiral to start the second half and were down 20 points six minutes into the half. At this point I thought they would lose by 30 since they didn't seem to be exerting any effort on defense or going after rebounds or loose balls. Calloway enters the game and plays like he did against Duke (maybe he performs only against #1 teams). To be honest, he was his usual "slightly out of control" self, but it worked. It appeared to me that the rest of the players were well on their way to accepting a 30 point blowout until Calloway made some plays and we sank a few 3 pointers. The mind set changed to "hey! We're within 12 now and maybe we should play harder and see what happens" To their credit, they did compete much better the rest of the way.
IU vs Wisconsin - I would not doubt that we will see a repeat of the Minnesota game, but I am hoping for a fight to the end. I wouldn't mind a loss if only they would play a 40 minute game.
Interior defense - Our greatest deficiency. It would have been great if DJ White had played this season...not that he is a great rebounder..but his shot blocking skills alongside Marco would make IU much tougher inside. Ben Allen is not an inside guy and Kline only fouls when defending a bigger man. One almost wishes we still had Ewing.
Role Players - Lets see...Ratliff, Wilmont, Strickland, Vaden...these are the four players we depend on the most but they are clones of each other. Without a respected second banger on the inside, they have to do too much for IU to secure a victory.


Terry Bleizeffer said...

Dominic James is too short to be any good in college.


I'm getting a vibe that the team is getting pretty irritated with Marco's lack of defense.

Also, I don't know if you heard this, but after the game, Coach Davis blamed the fans for the funk the team is in right now. He said all the negativity after the Illinois game got the team down. He's upset that the fans aren't supporting the team.

It's stunning to me that in his "second chance" season, Davis is still trying to create an "us vs. them" mentality with his own fans.

C Ro said...

Any thoughts on the UNC-Duke match up tonight?

Terry Bleizeffer said...

I think JJ Reddick is as good as Steve Alford was in 1987.

I'm tired of Duke and UNC being so good.

I dislike the ACC.

And no one gave me tickets to the game. =)

C Ro said...

Not liking the ACC where you are is probably akin to wearing a Michigan shirt in Columbus.

I agree with the need for more parity, that's good for any sport.

Poor JJ, if only he'd gone to a less contriversial school, like Gonzaga. Although there is a lot of Adam Morrison hatred in Seattle.