Saturday, March 25, 2006

crab cakes

Butch wants me to make crab cakes next Friday. He reminded me that you (Karen) make the best crab cakes and also suggested I ask you for the recipe. So here goes... Will you send me your recipe for your world renowned crab cakes? Now remember, if there are any twists and turns to the recipe that are not noted in black and white, you are honor-bound to give me the hints cause you are my daughter-in-law and you are a nice person. I tried to make crab cakes once and they were not very good so take pity on me.


Karen said...

I will have to find the recipe. I don't remember it well. And, though I'm not universally recognized as a nice person, I will do my best to maintain the illusion with you... You look pretty.

Grandma B, Jr. said...

What do you mean I look pretty? Are you being sarcatic?