Wednesday, March 08, 2006


I need some education. This morning's paper had an article about "Sopranos" ringtones. I went to the site cited,, and checked them out. They are sooo cool! I want one and I'll bet dad would like one too. The article says they are designed to run on Cingular products. We have Cingular phones so that's good but I don't have the first idea how to get the ringtone on my phone. Do I download it to my computer, how do I get it to my phone. Do I download it directly to my phone? How? Can you tell me how to do it? Did you have fun in Las Vegas. I hope you did not lose Karen's money. How do you like having a typhoon in the family? Chris's C-section is scheduled for March 20. I don't know how she can last that long. Her stomach is gigantic! She doesn't even have her bag packed or the baby room ready. I guess she is more relaxed that I am. That's very easy though, cause I'm pretty wound up about this impending birth. Nick is very worried about losing Chris and Dave's undivided love. His stomach is bothering him, especially before he need to go to school. Chris announced that she is naming her Josephine Mary at her shower last week. That might be the last word but you need to confirm that with her. Love Grandma


Karen said...

The website should have instructions for downloading them. If not, go to cingular's website, or dial 611 on your cellphone to get to customer service and they'll tell you. I've never done it, so I can't be more help than that--sorry!
Your check is coming from Coastal Federal Credit Union. Do NOT throw away anything from them thinking it's junkmail.
Terry did not lose my money because I threatened him with sleeping in the garage if he did. He managed to lose a lot of his money though. And he came home with the flu. The doctor prescribed Tamiflu, and some for me, too as a preventitive measure. I'm calling the kids' doctor today to see if they should have it, too, because Disney is next week.
I'm so happy they picked Josephine! Josie is one of my favorite names--it's so spunky, yet feminine. Can't wait to meet the new Bleizeffer, and Carson is the most excited of all.

Grandma B, Jr. said...

Have a great time in Florida. I probably did throw the first one away. I use "bill pay" for everything too so I should have been more observant. I don't write more than one check a month anymore. I even do my donations with bill pay. Maybe I'll go to the Cingular store and have one of those young men help me. Boy, do I sound like an oldie. IU will be playing in about a half hour. Go IU! What a bunch of goofs. You just never know what they will do.