Sunday, March 12, 2006

NCAA Tournament Contest

Okay, it's time for our 1st Annual Blogzeffer NCAA Tournament Pick'Em Contest. I created a private group on Yahoo to make our picks.

Here's a link to our group:

You'll probably need to sign up for a Yahoo ID - it's fast and free.

Here's the other info you need:
Group ID# 45066
Group Name Blogzeffer
Group Password terryrulz


Karen said...

I made my picks. How do we view everybody else's?

Terry Bleizeffer said...

You aren't allowed to view other people's picks until the games start on Thursday. This is obviously a good idea, since otherwise we'd all go and look at your picks and try to copy them, since I'm sure they're brilliant.

I've made my picks as well.

Grandma B, Jr. said...

I registered for Yahoo Sports and signed in but when I put the link to our private group I received an error message 113 saying I was not a member of this group! I hate the internet! How am I supposed to show daddy how easy it is if I can't do it for myself?

Terry Bleizeffer said...

Try this link:

Then click "Create or Join Group" button.

Then following instructions (join group, join private group, then id and password).

CRo said...

You guys are going down!

Not really, I'm terrible at this since I always let my loyalties get in the way of my judgement.

Grandma B, Jr. said...

Boo always berates me because I just pick the top seeds. I did it again - mostly. I also ended up with two big ten teams in the final four! Did karen make her offical picks? I didn't see her listed. I assumed that the bucks name is cro.

Grandma B, Jr. said...

Oh, Isee. Go Bucks is Karen. cro has cro picks. the Go Bucks didn't appear until this afternoon.
Mea culpa
This is kind of exciting though. I really like the fact that nobody has to be the game master. That semifinal/final bracket is a killer!