Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Austin, Texas

I'm in Austin this week attending the WebSphere Architecture Board conference. The conference basically entails locking a bunch of really smart IBMers in a room for a week to work on hard problems. I'm not accustomed to being the dumbest guy in the room - probably a good leveling influence on me. =)

I'm leaving here on Friday morning to fly to Vegas and meet Karen. A nice end to a rough week.

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The Grands said...

Just keep your mouth shut and you should be okay. Elizabeth's wedding was very nice even though both the wedding and reception were accompanied by thunderstorms and high winds. Daddy and Dave are in Yorkville this week, finishing Mandy's basement. Daddy is staying next week also. I'm planning on going up for Thanksgiving. I'm taking Savannah in for her yearly check up today (I skipped last year so I guess it's a biennial check up) Don't go crazy in Las Vegas. Love, Mommy