Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Elizabeth's wedding

Just like our trip to Mary's wedding, the logistics of our trip back to Minnesota for Elizabeth's wedding are an army captain's dream (or nightmare?) Daddy and David are working all day at the University of Illinois today and they drove both of their pick ups; They met at the BP at six this morning. Dave will drive home this evening and Daddy will drive to Aunt Mandy's rather than drive back to Greenwood and then back to Champaign (half the trip to Mandy's). I will start out early tomorrow morning to Mandy's, stop for lunch there (I hear it's shrimp and artichokes) and Daddy, of course. We will then continue to Rochester in the Chrysler and try to make it in time for the rehearsal dinner. Yes, it's on Thursday not Friday, I don't know why. On Sunday, we'll drive back to Mandy's, I'll stay overnight and drive the Chrysler home on Monday. Daddy and his truck will stay at Mandy's for about two weeks, finishing the basement in her brand new condo/townhouse. Not only that, I will drive back up to Mandy's for Thanksgiving. Dave is driving to Mandy's on Monday the 14th (the day I'm coming home the first time) to help Daddy until Friday or Saturday. Needless to say, Daddy is in his glory since all these intricate plans are out of his head. Do you have this memorized? Any questions? You will be quizzed in the fullness of time. Love, Mommy


Terry Bleizeffer said...

1. Can you tell me where Elizabeth is registered?

2. How was Mary's wedding?

3. Does Mandy have a computer? Daddy can check the blog while he's there. =)

4. Does Chris have an email address?

The Grands said...

1. Elizabeth is registered at Target.
2. Mary's wedding was beautiful from beginning to end.
3. Mandy's email is but I doubt if he will get on line.
4. Chris email is the same as Dave's but she doesn't go on line much either.

Terry Bleizeffer said...

Okay, so Chris's email is the same as Dave's. Good information, thanks.

Now, could you tell me what Dave's email address is?

The Grands said...