Thursday, November 03, 2005

What the heck is a blog and why should I care?

So since the blogosphere ("a whole bunch of web logs out on the internet") is taking the world by storm ("some geeks like them"), I thought it might be a good time to get the Bleizeffer family involved ("I like wasting my time in fruitless activities to avoid real work").

A "blog" is a kind of internet diary where people can post their thoughts on... well, just about anything. There's political blogs, economic blogs, expert blogs, satirical blogs, you name it.

One of the nice thing about blogs is that they can be used by multiple people as a way to keep in touch asynchronously - if I have something I want to say to Daddy about Indiana basketball and I happen to be at work or he's at work I can post it to the blog and he can read and comment on it later. Or we can post pictures about what's going on in our lives. It's like email, but it also gets archived and everyone in the family can see it and comment at their leisure.

Since I'm on my computer all frickin' day, this is pretty handy for me., so I suspect I'll do most of the posting, but we'll see how it goes.

What do you guys think? Worth a try?


Terry Bleizeffer said...

This is simply to test the comment function.

The Grands said...

Is asynchronously a real word? Or is it a new made up word ( eg. a noun used as an adverb or a verb) I hate them. Do you know that Harris Barrier has an e mail address? It is I went to Gander Mountain today. I think I love that store! I'm so glad that I won't ever have to go to Dicks. Gander M has my kind of clothes!. I was going to tell why I went to Gander M in the first place but I remembered that anyone in the family could read this message and I would ruin David's birthday surprise. I wonder what HTML tags are. Mom

Terry Bleizeffer said...

We use "asynchronously" in computer jargon all the time. In geek terms, it means that a program needs to be able to get a message to another program even if the other program is not running at that moment. So usually the message gets sent to a third program (a "queue") where is sits until the program is up and running.

So this blog is the queue and we're the programs. See? Asynch. Coooool.

HTML tags are used if you want to make something bold or write in italics or make a link .

I've never heard of Gardner Mountain. How tall is it?