Saturday, November 26, 2005

Western Illinois

Finally going to catch my first Indiana game tonight against Western Illinois. I hate early games like this because there's no good way to gauge how well the team is playing because we don't know how good Western Illinois is. They were 11-17 last season and 7-9 in the Mid-Continent conference. Street & Smith's and Athlon both picked them 4th in the MCC this season, and both said they could contend for the conference title. Apparently they have a good recruiting class coming in for the second season in a row.

So far this season they walloped Harris-Stowe (!?) 110-55 at home and then lost at Utah Valley State 69-82. What does that tell us? Nothing, I think.

Oh well, I guess I'll just watch the game and see what happens.


Terry Bleizeffer said...

Well, the first half is over and I'm not sure I learned anything about the team other than that dang this team is so unselfish. And the offense is a whole lot more fun to watch. But does this success translate to the Duke game or the B10? I don't know.

Terry Bleizeffer said...

I can't wait to see this team with DJ White and AJ Ratliff back. As good as Indiana played today, I think it's going to be tough for Killingsworth to score inside against Duke without any other credible inside threats. With Killingsworth and White inside... whew, Indiana is gonna score some points this season. For a change.

The Grands said...

I wonder if Daddy saw this game. I hope not because he might start getting excited about IU and will be too nervous to watch the Duke game. Usually, he can watch the preseason games. Course, last year, I don't think he was nervous at all. In fact I don't think he was very interested either. Mommy